1. Nutrition Foundation of India- Current Programmes
  2. Appropriate Supplementation of Breast Milk
  3. Need for a new family planning strategy
  4. The National Goitre Control Programme- A Sad Story
  5. Minimum Needs Programme in the Sixth Plan
  6. Nutritional Consequences of Developmental Programmes
  7. Nutrition in the Health System
  8. Nutrition in the New Twenty Point Programme
  9. A Revisit to Rewa
  10. Minimum Wages for Agricultural Labour
  11. The Nutition Policy of Brinkmanship
  12. Our Food Policy-Achievements and Aberrations
  13. Minimum Wages for Agricultural Labour
  14. Measurement of Undernutrition Biological Considerations
  15. The Rich and the Poor
  16. “Child survival” and Child Nutrition
  17. Home Science And Vocational Training For Rural Girls – A Proposal
  18. The Tamil Nadu Nutrition Projects
  19. Classifications of Undernutrition- their Limitations and Fallacies
  20. Choosing Beneficiaries for Feeding Programmes
  21. Emergence of Goitre in Delhi
  22. XIII International Congress of Nutrition
  23. Maternal Health, Fertility control and child nutrition
  24. Infant Nutrition in West Bengal Insights from Recent Studies
  25. Food Production and Nutrition Trends in India and China
  26. Child Health and Nutrition in Tamil Nadu
  27. Oral Rehydration Therapy-The Need for a Proper Perspective
  28. Nutritional Status of India’s Children – Has it Improved in Recent Years?
  29. Motherhood in Early Adolescence
  30. Advertisement of Commercial Weaning (CWF) through Media under Government Control
  31. Prevention and Control of Endemic Goitre
  32. Review and Comments- Food Consumption in Rural Indian Households
  33. Edible Oils- Needs and Wants
  34. Growth Monitoring – Some Basic Issues
  35. Irradiation of Wheat
  36. Heights of Populations – an Index of Their Nutrition and Socio-economic Development
  37. Gender Bias in Health and Nutrition Care
  38. Community Organisation for Health Care The Need for an Innovative Approach
  39. NNMB – Its Importance to Nutrition Research and National Planning
  40. Consumption of Edible Oils in India- The Present Picture
  41. Review and Comments- 1.Universal Immunization 2.Rights of the Child
  42. Control of Vitamin A Deficiency – Priorities for Future Research in India
  43. Control of Vitamin A Deficiency – Priorities for Future Research in India-II
  44. “Adaptation “to “Chronic Energy Deficiency”
  45. A Nutrition Research Agenda for Malaysia
  46. Growth Standards for Indian Children
  47. Women and Nutrition in India Some Practical Considerations
  48. Tamil Nadu’s Initiative
  49. Universal Immunization Programme (UIP)- Some Lessons
  50. Low Energy Intakes
  51. Vitamin A and Child Mortality
  52. The National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau
  53. Review and Comments- Nutrition and Leprosy
  54. Rural Health Care: Towards wider outreach and better Quality
  55. The Changing Profile of under nutrition in India
  56. Control of anemia
  57. Restoring Millets and Pulses to their Rightful place in Indian Diets
  58. Ensuring Effective Implementation of National Health Programmes
  59. Message to the National conference of Nutrition Society of India
  60. The changing nutrition scenario
  61. Growth and Development of Indian Children
  62. XXXXII Annual Meeting of the Nutrition Society of India- Message to Members
  63. Health Care in India- Past and Present
  1. Review and Comments- Prevention and Control of Goire-Demerits of Iodised Oil Injections
  2. Nutrition And Environmental Degradation
  3. Review and comments- Vitamin A And Child Mortality – Now The Nepal Study 2. Light At The End Of The Tunnel?
  4. The Urban Challenge- Health Nutrition implications
  5. Growth Charts in Primary Child-Health Care- Time For Reassessment
  6. Child-mortality Reduction With Vitamin A- Now The Bellagio Declaration
  7. Variations in Food Consumption Patterns of Populations
  8. Efficacy of Megadose of Vitamin A and Prevalence of Diabetes in Indians
  9. Child Care in India – Emerging Challenges
  10. Osteoporotic Fractures- An Emerging Public Health Problem in Asia
  11. Late Effects Of Foetal Under Nutrition
  12. Nutrition And Degenerative Diseases In India
  13. Acute Toxicity Of Vitamin A In Infancy
  14. Micronutrient Deficiencies – Public Health Implications
  15. Coronary Heart Disease In Delhi The Possible Role Of Air Pollution
  16. Vitamin A And Vaccination
  17. XVI International Congress Of Nutrition – Montreal
  18. Diet-related Chronic Diseases In India- Changing Trends
  19. Obesity In The Indian Urban ‘Middle Class’
  20. Micronutrient Malnutrition In SAARC – The Need For A Food-based Approach
  21. The Changing Epidemiology Of Malnutrition In A Developing Society The Effect Of Unforeseen Factors
  22. Multiple Micronutrient Supplementation In Pregnancy
  23. Iodation Of Common Salt For Control Of IDD Not The Time To Backtrack
  24. Pregnancy In Adolescence – ‘Child Labour’ At Its Worst
  25. Early Childhood Malnutrition In India Inter-state Differences
  26. Reviews and Comments- Prevention and Control of Goitre-On lodised Oil Injections
  27. The Vitamin A Fiasco
  28. Towards Women’s Empowerment
  29. Ensuring Nutritive Quality Of Breast Milk
  30. Fatty Acids In India – Current Research And Government Policy
  31. Changing Nutrition Scene In South Asia
  32. Nutritional Status of the Elderly in Urban Slums of Delhi
  33. India’s Food Production Policies – Need for Nutrition Orientation
  34. Linear Growth as an Index of Nutritional Status
  35. Rising Incidence of Chronic Degenerative Diseases – A Health Hazard of Developmental Transition
  36. Initiatives for Promoting Public Awareness about Health and Nutrition
  37. TOWARDS INDIA’S NUTRITIONAL WELL BEING: Need for a “second wind”
  38. Essential Fatty Acids in Maternal Diets- Beneficial Effects in Pregnancy and Lactation
  39. Rising Incidence of Obesity and Diabetes
  40. Capacity Building in Food and Nutrition
  41. The “Dual Nutrition Burden”- Need for a Balanced Response
  42. Growth Retardation in Early Childhood- The possible role of deficiency of Vitamin D and Calcium
  43. From “Farms to Pharmacies”- Beginnings of a Sad Decline
  44. Health and Nutrition Education of the Community- Choosing the appropriate channels
  45. XXXIX Annual Meeting of the Nutrition Society of India
  46. Growth Retardation in Early Childhood Long Term Implications
  47. Vitamin A Deficiency – Overkill
  48. The Current National Nutrition Scene- Areas of Concern
  49. India’s Rural Health Mission
  50. Nutrition Education at the Community Level- The Need for Fresh Initiatives
  51. National Programme for the Promotion of Wholesome Diets
  52. Health and Nutrition Programmes in India- Inter-state differences and the way forward
  53. Time Trends in the Nutritional Status of Indians from NNMB Survey