An important objective of the Foundation has been to bring together the scientists and experts in the field of nutrition to discuss major nutritional problems and to identify practical leads for action. Reports of the international and national conferences, symposia and workshops organized by the Foundation are listed below.

S.No Title Author/Editor Year
25 NAMS-NFI: Food Fortification for Improving Micro nutrient Intakes Background Note PPT 2017
24 NAMS-NFI: Assessment of Nutritional Status in Dual Nutrition Burden Era PPT 2017
23 NAMS-NFI: Nutrition & Health Transition in India: Evidence from National Surveys PPT 2016
22 MDGs Lessons learnt and way for ward to SDGs PPT 2015
21 Reference Standards for Assessment of Nutritional Status PPT 2014
20 Micronutrient Deficiencies PPT 2013
19 Newer Health and Nutrition Challenges PPT 2012
18 Nutrition Intervention in the New Decade PPT 2011
17 Millennium Development Goals 4 & 5 PPT 2011
16 Nutrition and Physical Activity PPT Proceedings 2009
15 Maternal and Child Nutrition – a lifecycle perspective Proceedings available at 2008
14 National Nutrition Policy – Essential Elements PPT Proceedings 2008
S.No Title Author/Editor Year
13 Food Technology For Better Nutrition Proceedings available at PPT 2007
12 Nutrition and bone health Proceedings available at PPT 2007
11 Primary Health Care – New Initiatives Proceedings 2006
10 Nutrition in Late Infancy & Early Childhood (6-24 months) Proceedings 2006
09 Nutrition in developmental transition Proceedings 2005
08 Food and nutrition security in South Asia Proceedings 2005
07 Towards India and nutritional well-being Proceedings 2004
06 Nutrition in medical curriculum Proceedings 2004
05 A National Strategy for Ensuring Food Safety Report of workshop 2003
04 Mid-Day Meal Programmes in Schools in India – The Way Forward Report of workshop 2003
03 IX Asian Congress of Nutrition February 23-27, 2003 New Delhi, India : Proceedings Ed by Malini Seshadri and Dr Anupa Sidhu 2003
02 Diet, Nutrition, and Chronic Disease : An Asian Perspective Ed. by P.Shetty, and Dr. C. Gopalan 1998
01 Recent trends in nutrition. Dr. C. Gopalan. 1993