Mandate Of NFI

The objectives of the Nutrition Foundation of India are:

To undertake, promote, aid, and coordinate research in the areas of food and nutrition security and food safety in the country (including organizational and administrative aspects) and the social implications of these problems. The Society may undertake any such research at its own initiative or at the instance of the Government, individuals, companies or associations, or bodies of individuals whether incorporated or not.

To promote and foster the application of research in the improvement of the nutritional status of the community, especially of the weaker sections, mothers, and children.

To find out the determinants of major nutrition problems, evaluate the process and the impact of potential and ongoing interventions, and suggest effective, feasible, and cost-effective programs to address specific nutrition problems.

To take up investigations on nutritional and health benefits of food products and provide technical advice to food processing and manufacturing industries to evolve appropriate low-cost methods of providing enteral and parenteral nutrition. Such testing and investigation of food products will be undertaken purely for research purposes, not as a routine activity or an activity for profit.

To collect and disseminate information not only with regard to various aspects of nutrition research but also with regard to the importance of nutrition in promoting health and preventing nutritional and health problems, and the role of nutrition support in diseases and disabilities.

To identify indigenous and low-cost technologies for providing nutrition support to those in need, including the diseased and disabled.

To undertake, promote and coordinate research on systems and procedures for providing critical nutrition support to subjects suffering from acute or chronic diseases and from disabilities arising from old age or other causes.

To advise the Central Government and any State Government on nutrition problems affecting the country as a whole or any region in particular.

To work on policy issues related to Food, Nutrition, and Food Safety.

To collaborate with/offer consultancy to national, international, and bilateral agencies, universities, and institutions in the area of Food and Nutrition Security, including Food Safety.

To establish, develop or assist suitable institutions or departments of existing institutions to study specific nutrition problems affecting a region or a community.

To exchange information and to cooperate for the promotion of the objectives of the society with other institutions, associations, and societies within India or elsewhere, who are interested in the same objectives.

To establish and award research studentships and fellowships, institute awards, memorial lectures, and orations in the fields of Food, Nutrition, and Food Safety.

To conduct national and international conferences, meetings, workshops, symposia, and study circle meetings related to the fields of Food, Nutrition, and Food Safety.

To foster the training of research workers in fields related to the objectives of the Foundation and to undertake training programs.

To prepare and publish papers in scientific journals, and periodicals (print and electronic), bring out Proceedings of Symposia, and Scientific Reports of research studies or bring out its own bulletins/updates or publications in print or electronic media in furtherance of the objectives of the Society.

To establish and maintain a Research Reference Library in pursuance of the objects of the Society.