The results of major research studies undertaken by the Foundation are published in the form of a Scientific Reports. Each report describes the results of the study and sets out a series of concrete recommendations for practical action with respect to the problem in question. The reports are widely circulated both within India and abroad and are sent not only to scientists but to planners, administrators, Ministers, Members of Parliament and the Press, and the attention of the appropriate circles of the Government is drawn to the recommendations. The list of scientific reports is given below:

Report No. Title Author/Editor Year
1 Combating Low Birth Weight And Intra- Uterine Growth Retardation Sarath Gopalan, Kamla Ganesh, Rita Patnaik 2005
2 Anemia in pregnancy – Interstate differences K.N Agarwal, D.K Agarwal, Anshu Sharma 2005
3 Obesity in Urban middle classes in Delhi. Kamla Krishnaswamy. 1999
4 Relationship of current nutritional status and cognitive functioning in 3-10 years olds living in slums in Delhi. C. Gopalan, Neeraja Sharma, H.P.S. Sachdev. 1998
5 Effect of nutrition supplementary feeding in the third trimester of pregnancy on the birth weight and subsequent growth of the infant. Leela Raman 1996
6 Use of Carotene-rich foods to combat Vitamin A deficiency in India : A multicentric study. Subadra Seshadri. 1996
7 Growth performance of affluent Indian children (under-fives): Growth standard for Indian children. K.N. Agarwal, D.K. Agarwal, D.G. Benakappa, S.M. Gupta, P.C. Khanduja, S.P. Khatua, K. Ramachandran, P.M. Udani, and C. Gopalan. 1991
8 Growth of affluent Indian girls during adolescence. 1989
9 Maternal nutrition, lactation and infant growth in urban slums. 1988
10 Profiles of undernutrition and underdevelopment : Studies of poor communities in seven regions of the country. 1988
11 Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) : A study of some aspects of the system. 1988
12 Nutritional status, physical work capacity and mental function in school children. D.K. Agarwal, S.K. Upadhyay, A.M. Tripathi, and K.N. Agarwal. 1987
13 Nutrition programmes in Orissa state. 1987
14 Infant-feeding practices with special reference to the use of commercial infant foods. P.V. Gopujkar, S.N. Chaudhuri, M.A. Ramaswami, M.S. Gore, and C. Gopalan. 1984
15 Nutrition and health education through the rural school system. 1984
16 The Lathyrism problem : Current status and new dimensions. 1983
17 The national Goitre control programme : A blueprint for its intensification. 1983



  • Reports 1-15 not available on website
  • PDF version of 16&17 available by clicking on the title of the report